DDoS Mitigation

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What Is A DDoS Attack?
DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) is a malicious network attack, which purpose is to disrupt the ow of normal data or Internet traffic to a targeted IP address, network, or server by overwhelming the target with a flood of illegitimate data. These traffic jams impede legitimate data from arriving to its desired location, causing Internet service to degrade or stop entirely. Each year DDoS attacks are responsible for hundreds of thousands of lost work hours and billions of dollars in damaged equipment, lost profits, and decreased productivity. The risk and severity of DDoS attacks are increasing year over year. In the last quarter of 2018 alone, DDoS attacks increased over 639%.

How ALSCO Managed Defender Mitigates DDoS Attacks
ALSCO Managed Defender is a complete, real-time DDoS Mitigation service. Our service is a device-based network scrubbing platform, which provides 100Gbps of automated traffic scrubbing. Our proprietary equipment is monitored and controlled by ALSCO’s 24/7/365 Network Operations Center. ALSCO does not employ null routing (a.k.a. blackhole routing), like other providers. Our service identifies each data packet as a “bad” or “good” packet, allowing good packets to flow through, while preventing bad packets from disrupting the network and protecting your Internet connection. ALSCO’s network is engineered to be robust and capable of handling large amounts of data and malicious network attacks. ALSCO successfully deploys DDoS Mitigation services to multiple industries such as: governments, schools, service providers, financial institutions, enterprise businesses, publicly traded companies, and tech startups throughout North America and abroad.