E-Mail Secure Gateway For Government

E-Mail Secure Gateway®️

New Invented Technology That Provide Full Time Protection For Your Applications By Analyzing All Traffic And Only Allowing Legitimate And Authorized Access, The New Invented Technology Is Registered In The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office #10498760



Powerful Anti Spam Software with Malware & Phishing Protection


Remove 99.9% of spam with ALSCO, Easy to use yet advanced email filtering solution for your business. Block malware, phishing, ransomware and zero day threats before they harm your business.



Package Cyber Threat Categories Concurrent Connections Malware Protection Log Yearly Fee Sign Up
Plan 1 6 250 Yes No $2000 Get Start
Plan 2 10 500 Yes Yes $5000 Get Start
Plan 3 15 1000 Yes Yes $8000 Get Start




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Achieve Advanced Email Security With ALSCO
Electronic email security is a constant concern for your organization today, especially with so many major security breaches in the headlines. Targeted attacks like spear-phishing take email security threats to a whole new level, requiring advanced layers of protection. But with routine threats like spam and malware still present, you need broad protection to address all areas of email security.

ALSCO provides a platform of email cloud services for advanced business email management solving the security challenges posed by an evolving landscape of threats. With ALSCO, you can achieve unparalleled email security without extra expense, and without the need to deploy additional hardware or software.

A Secure Email Gateway For Enhanced Email Security.
E-mail Secure Gateway is an advanced email security service built on the ALSCO platform, designed to deliver real-time email security to protect against a wide variety of threats.


E-Mail Secure Gateway Offers:
- 100% anti-malware protection SLA, including zero-day protection.
- 99% anti-spam protection SLA, with 0.0001% false positives.
- Unique support for privacy concerns, allowing email to pass through the gateway without storing it in order to eliminate legal, privacy and latency concerns.
- Protection for information in transit to minimize the risk of interception or snooping.
- Lower costs – ALSCO's comprehensive email security platform eliminates the need for other single-purpose email security solutions.

Additional Email Security Solutions From ALSCO
In addition to the E-mail Secure Gateway, ALSCO offers a variety of technologies to address the critical challenges of email security.

Targeted Threat Protection enhances email security by protecting your users against spear-phishing and targeted attacks in email, scanning URLs on every click and preventing access to bad websites.

Data Leak Protection helps control the flow of sensitive information and prevents confidential information from entering or leaving your business without approval.

Email Encryption and Privacy provides encryption for email in transit with a policy-based transport layer security (TLS) for enforcing TLS encryption for SMTP over the wider Internet.

Content Policy Gateway supports email security with controls that ensure email compliance with a broad range of regulation and that prevent end users from being exposed to offensive email content or images.