ALSCO Methodology has been developed and optimized over the last two decades to enable our customers to fully leverage their network resources. The key driver for our solutions are to capture your current network environment with the various differentiated services that are being utilized and build a framework to converge them.


Our methodology is divided into different core competencies:

Data Differentiation – Not all data is created equal, so why should it be treated the same? We analyze your environment to determine the types of traffic, including interactive, transactional, mission critical, and bulk.

Voice & Video – Voice and Video on a network have a requirement to be delivered to end systems in real-time. Our strategies are developed on how real-time traffic can be merged with data.

Virtualization – As systems start to be built vertically instead of horizontally, our solutions are built around integrating these systems in the current network infrastructure. Working with leading technologies including VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen, our solutions are built to leverage the virtual environment.

Data Center – As more systems are centralized, the data center has become an integral part of today’s network environment. It has become very complex and requires designs that are able to scale and are robust. Our solutions utilize Cisco Nexus Fabric path and Juniper’s QFabric.

Network Security – A key element in today’s network infrastructure is an organization’s security enclave. From risk management to incident response, our solutions are customized to meet organizational requirements.  Part of our security practice is to build security compliance for federal and commercial customers.

Network Assessment – Having networks that are available and managed with a proactive approach is a distinguishing factor for many organizations.  Our network assessments analyze network designs at the enterprise and service provider level. Additionally, we review fault, configuration, performance management, and build planning for capacity and growth.

Training – Having an information technology staff that is competent and able to support an organization as the business grows is an important part of a company’s mission. Our solutions provide customized curriculums for both on-site and off-site training.

Our methodologies have been successful with many solutions that we have provided for our end customers.