IT Beyond the Datacenter

IT is a fast-moving world of new ideas and technological developments. ALSCO helps ensure your organization is implementing the best of today's technology in your data center and beyond. We provide you with next-generation solutions and the engineering expertise to implement and support them



Our team at ALSCO will help you meet today’s IT challenges: We have years of experience providing focused IT services such as designing, developing, and delivering IT solutions, training organizations and employees to use these systems, and monitoring, managing, and updating them as needed. Our comprehensive suite of solutions utilizes “open” solutions from industry leading technology companies, such as Microsoft, DELL, Cisco, NetGear, Intel, IBM, and Symantec.
Integrating solutions based on these technologies with our specialized IT services tailored to you provides you with comprehensive, flexible, and manageable solutions resulting in decreased downtime, diminished risk, and lower cost of running and owning your own IT resources.


Our Core IT Services
Partnerships with some of the world’s “best-in-class” corporations provide ALSCO with unparalleled experience and expertise in providing the following IT support solutions:
    - IT Support & Consulting
    - IT Outsourcing Solutions
    - On Site & Remote Support Services
    - Network Security


IT Support
Why pay for a full time Information Technology (IT) specialist when your IT support needs only require a part time specialist? You don’t have to wait for a repair technician to drive to your site. With our state of the art remote management center we can solve several issues 24 hours a day without stepping foot into your building.


IT needs are often unpredictable so it’s important to have a knowledgeable resource to turn to when demand increases. By interfacing directly with your employees we can help minimize your IT costs while maintaining a consistent level of service throughout the organization. Whether by project, month or week we can provide the technical expertise and exceptional service required for your IT project.


Systems Integration
As your business has grown, your dependence on computer solutions has grown with it. Over time the number of workstations, software, and individual systems configurations has become more numerous and complex. Now it is increasingly more challenging to effectively implement new systems and perform upgrades and installations without upsetting your daily work routine, or having to “come-in on the weekends” to minimize your downtime. With years of hands-on experience integrating systems, the staff of ALSCO efficiently performs all phases of network and systems implementation, from project planning and management, through network infrastructure implementation, and network server and workstation installations.