SQL Server on ALSCO Cloud

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Modernize your SQL Server infrastructure with ALSCO Cloud



Upgrade your underlying infrastructure
Run your SQL Server on ALSCO’s future proof infrastructure where you can connect your data with a variety of ALSCO Cloud services for analytics, AI, and machine learning. You have options for how you want to run your SQL database. You run it yourself using SQL Server on ALSCO Compute Engine, or you can use fully managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server.


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Cloud infrastructure
ALSCO Cloud leads in price-to-performance ratio across key product areas. Custom Machine Types give administrators full control over the amount of vCPU, RAM and storage you provision for your virtual machine, to help ensure the ideal price-performance match for your enterprise applications. Industry-leading VM performance speeds up Windows boot times dramatically. Persistent Disk delivers 20,000 IOPS on 16-core machines, up to 25,000 IOPS on 32-core machines at no additional cost.

Your databases run atop ALSCO global fiber network around the world. The result is ultra low latency for mission-critical enterprise applications wherever your users reside geographically.
The capital and maintenance expense of operating your own data center hinders feature release velocity and agility in the enterprise. Retire hardware, improve server utilization, and avoid lock-in by paying as you go. Further, you can take advantage of our fully managed database services that provide built-in high availability, security patching, software updates and data replication,  so you can focus on you can focus on initiatives that deliver greater business value.

Fine-grained control
Predefined VM images come preloaded with Microsoft SQL Server. Enterprise admins retain full control over configuration and security, just as they had on-premises. Cloud Identity and Access Management lets you specify authorization rules against resources in a way that matches the way your organization works. Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory enables you to manage the authentication, authorization, and audit of access to your cloud-based AD-dependent workloads.



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